Hapro Lumina V-Class Vertical UV Tanning Booth

The best vertical tanning booth on the market!

Hapro 'Lumina V-Class' Vertical Tanning Booth
Single session (per min)£1.00
30 minute purchase£25.00
60 minute purchase£47.50
120 minute purchase£90.00

Features of the 'Lumina V-Class' at X-17 Solar Therapy

Hapro 'Lumina V-Class'

We chose our vertical unit after looking at many similar models on the market. As well as being high power, the 'Lumina V-Class' also offers the user the optional extra of gentle aromatherapy. This makes the whole tanning experience very pleasant and relaxing.

We are also the only salon in Jersey to have our vertical machine enclosed in a cubicle, giving the user much more room and comfort to apply creams and get dressed. Anyone who uses vertical tanning units already will appreciate the added comfort that this will provide.

As with all of our equipment, your session times are such that you will never feel rushed in our salon.

Hapro 'Lumina V-Class'

We also offer an extremely extensive and very competitively priced range of pre- and post-tanning creams. These creams are essential for the serious tanner, for both accelerating your tan, and also maintaining it.

For more information and the technical specification of the 'Lumina V-Class', please visit the Hapro web-site.

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